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Gender Dynamics, Technology and Substances W/ Danielle LaPorte

“Love is always the right thing to do. Not the easy thing, but always the right one.”
— Danielle LaPorte

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by a superstar named Danielle LaPorte. She’s the author of 3 non-fiction books, including her newest one, White Hot Truth. Danielle is one of Oprah Winfrey’s’ Super Soul 100 leaders, and she also is a very popular blogger and thought leader. She has a Top 10 iTunes app, one of her books has been translated into 8 languages… I can’t really keep up with her bio.

Danielle is amazing and you guys are going to see/hear that. In this episode, we talked both about stuff that we haven’t covered on this show before and about a lot of stuff that we have covered, but not in the same way.

The stuff that is new has to do with gender dynamics and what we as men can do to avoid a lot of ‘bad practices’, like being patronizing, and also what you women can do, and where that boundary is for speaking up for yourself, creating boundaries, and healthy defense. We also talk a lot about very interesting things, like psychedelics, business leadership and much more.

I’m going to make you guys listen to the whole episode to get the full scoop. I really enjoyed this episode, Danielle was kind enough to say that she really enjoyed it, and I think you guys will do so too!

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What does Danielle LaPorte do? [5:40]
  • How did Danielle get into all this, and what was her turning point? [8:15]
  • Danielle shares a story regarding a recent man’s behavior towards her in a boardroom [10:50]
  • The actual reason why well-meaning men have this behavior [13:40]
  • Danielle explains why my audience is mostly comprised of men [15:15]
  • Danielle shares things about her character, her approach to everything, and her femininity [16:00]
  • How would Danielle sum up the wisdom she is sharing with the world? [17:50]
  • The difference between self-love and self-compassion [20:35]
  • Why depression is a relatively new occurrence in humanity [22:10]
  • Too much technology is actually harming our well-being [24:20]
  • What are the strategies Danielle LaPorte is using to rein in technology usage? [26:00]
  • The (serious) problems regarding willpower and discipline [29:50]
  • How Danielle gives great importance to what she wants and how she wants to feel, while still getting things done [30:40]
  • The importance of knowing how you want to feel [32:50]
  • What is her newest book, White Hot Truth, about? [34:10]
  • Techniques Danielle utilizes to do the work necessary for self-growth [37:00]
  • Danielle LaPorte’s view on psychedelics and other similar drugs [39:30]
  • The quick solution offered by substances is probably not the best solution for you [43:30]
  • Getting an amazing experience does not always mean you are ready for it [44:50]
  • The great program Danielle is working on for her next big thing [48:00]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Danielle LaPorte:

“Love transcends all of it, and incorporates all of it.”
“Two things create interest. One is the substance of what you are saying, and then there is how you say it.”
“The best self-help is self-compassion.”
“We don’t have time for materialism and greed.”
“Self-compassion is when you can show up for yourself and apply love and understanding to yourself when you hate yourself.”
“You need to have a wellness support system in place to be able to create the medicine of compassion for yourself.”
“I think loneliness is making us sick. I think technology is making us even sicker.”
“Discipline is a tool that numbs the mind.”
— Jiddu Krishnamurti
“The self-help movement, all the practices, if we are not careful can turn into self-criticism.”
“I think [drug use] is creating entry points and portals for a lot of darkness to come into people psyches.”
“The hard work is to say no to the substance and to sit your ass down and meditate.”

Dimitris Gkiokas

Dimitris Gkiokas

Dimitris is a software engineer with a great interest in business and blockchain technology. He used to work for Microsoft, but now works as a freelancer and runs his own blog on self-improvement through learning how to learn.

Starting from December 2017, he is the one responsible for the blog posts of the Becoming SuperHuman podcast episodes.

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